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For Those That Remain

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

We are finally coming out of our COVID-19 shells, and we are NOT okay.

The changes and uncertainty that a highly contagious, global illness brought upon society are groundbreaking. What might be even more unsettling is how incredibly social we are and how the inability to be social has rocked the foundation of our individual wellbeing. This vulnerability is universal and depressing, literally. Those of us (*raises hand*) that are now prescribed antidepressants to deal with the past 18 months can personally attest to how deeply this global experience has affected us, but let's let the numbers do the talking this time.

The Numbers

A study of over 43,000 Brazilians found that lack of physical activity during quarantine led to an overwhelming increase in depression and anxiety. Participants completed a survey rating the longevity of their feelings of loneliness and sadness through the pandemic on a numerical scale. Researchers also recorded the frequency of physical activity and duration of inactivity like TV watching. Researchers found that becoming "inactive during the pandemic was associated with a higher odds for loneliness, sadness, and anxiety. Also, people with depression and consistently physically inactive presented higher odds for loneliness and sadness." As a natural extrovert who was forced inside for the first time in her life... SAME.

A Qualitative Study on Quality of Life

A community was interviewed from May to June 2020 about their persona experience with COVID-19 and how they are generally feeling about their personal well-being and those around them. Interviews were conducted across various participants, capturing general themes (thematic analysis) as results. the researchers found that "(1) impact of COVID-19 on the mental health of the general communities; (2) current coping mechanisms to adapt to the new reality and (3) recommendations to address the mental health of communities."

These studies reveal how critical it is to be together. As the concept of individuality is worn with pride in major metropolitan areas, the pandemic has revealed to us just how much we need each other. The commercials flooding our free Youtube accounts and outdated cable subscriptions weren't lying: we need to be together. As we await what is next on the horizon, let's let this remind us that there's no such thing as a lone wolf, so give that lone wolf friend of yours some love. And remember to value our neighbor as part of your social foundation... or at the very least say hi when they walk by.

In the meantime, make sure you get ready to get back out and #VaxThatThangUp

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